What Is Google Authorship?

I’ve really been giving Google the spotlight lately! Well this is Google’s way of doing the same for you…

You know when you search for something on Google and you see some guy’s (or gal’s) picture next to a search result? Well, in short, that’s Google Authorship, and if you don’t have it set up, it’s time to jump on the wagon.

Google Authorship Screenshot| What Is Google Authorship?

Fortunately, there is no need to reinvent the wheel here – Google has already put together a pretty simple set of instructions on how to setup Google Authorship which I HIGHLY encourage you to do (Google also has another page on Google Authorship here). Why, you ask? Well let me give you a short list of reasons:

  1. Links! Basically, an author-tagged search result gives Googlers an option to view “More by [your name here]” (see above image) which is essentially a link to all stuff related to just you. Pretty cool, and could very well give you an edge over others.
  2. Matt McGee from searchengineland.com talks about a hidden benefit: bonus links after a back button click.
  3. It could potentially increase your CTR (click-through-rate).

Short list, but with it only costing the time set it up (or you could have your virtual assistant do it for you!), what do you have to loose?

Questions or answers? Feel free to hit up the comments below.

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