Using Facebook Effectively for Business

I think many businesses underestimate the HUGE marketing resource Facebook has become. I mean, seriously, 1/7th of the world’s population is on Facebook! If you’re trying to grow your business, why the heck wouldn’t you try to tap into that? Unfortunately, marketing and networking on Facebook has become it’s own craft (and one that I am still light-years from mastering). Regardless, there are still some fairly common sense practices all businesses on Facebook ought to practice:

Engage your audience

Think of it this way, if you go out for coffee with someone and your entire “conversation” is really just their one-sided sales pitch, would you go out for coffee with them again? Probably not! If you want to keep your followers, you have to act like they’re regular humans and interact with them through comment replies, etc.

Give regular updates

Do you hear crickets every time you visit your own Facebook page? You need to give people a reason to interact. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there, let people know what’s going on with your business, create some hype, ask and answer questions.

Give back to you audience

People, by nature, are selfish (and I’m definitely no exception). They want what’s best for themselves and want to hear what you can do for them. And since they’ve done you a favor by “Liking” your Facebook page, why no make it worth their while! Talk about things that they can benefit from, funnel helpful blog posts or articles to your page, reply to their responses. The whole essence of networking is giving back and helping others.

Ask people to “Like” your Facebook page

It might seem kind of silly, but what do you have to lose? Do you have 500+ friends on your personal Facebook account? Make a post about “liking” your business. Have a website? Put a “Like” button on the front page. The more you put yourself out there, the more chances someone will “Like” your page.

Comment on other people’s posts

Out of all my Facebook friends, one guy stands out because he writes the most posts and comments by far. I can tell you his name, what he does for a living, his passions, etc. I barely know the guy and I don’t even think I’ve ever viewed his profile, but he is simply a super-interactive Facebook user. Now, I’m not saying you should take over people’s walls with your posts (you may run the risk of being “unliked”); instead, try to find ways to put yourself out there such as commenting on other people’s posts. When you write a post, don’t you love reading what people have to say about your thoughts? Return the favor! It will get your business at the forefront of you followers brains in a non-obnoxious, welcoming manner.

Don’t be afraid to let people know you’re human

Why do most people put cream and sugar in their coffee? There is no flavor if you create a stale, corporate image of your business. Let people know that real live humans run your shop. Heck, if you’re really daring, you can even imply you have a sense of humor! A great example of this is the CDC’s blog posted called Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse.

Never EVER buy “Likes”

Yes, there are companies out there that somehow sell “Likes” to other apparently non-likable companies. Sure, it achieves its purpose and makes you look like “the next big thing,” but it’s cheap and deceitful. Let’s think about this, what if all your new followers found out?!

Like I implied in the first paragraph, I’m far from an expert on using Facebook. But I hope these tidbits prove useful. I know I’ve only scratched the surface, so if you have something to add then hit up the comments!

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