Great Examples of Awesome Social Media Business Pages

I thought it would be cool to wrap up this series by showcasing some really well done business pages. So take some time to check them out!



Why: I suppose this should be an obvious choice since Android is a subsidiary of Google. Nevertheless, Google’s finest has delivered a Google+ page worth following. So what exactly are they doing right? The question is what don’t they do right. Their cover and profile pics make you wonder if Google has connections with NASA, they update their page frequently in a way that engages followers, and they offer quality posts that are actually worth reading.


WhoAmy Lynn Andrews (her Facebook page)

What: Her website,, was what got me into creating blogs and websites. She focuses on creating and maintaining websites with a heavy focus on blogging.

Why: Amy Lynn Andrews is simply a genius at being relatable to common folk like myself, which is why she has exploded in popularity. She takes hard-to-understand, esoteric technobabble and morphs it into something that a senior citizen could understand. Her Facebook page is no exception. Not only is it well designed and well thought-out  but it is frequently updated and she leaves readers no question that a human runs her shop. That is to say, she’s not afraid to be herself on her “business” page.


WhatStarbucks Coffee

Why: While Twitter is a little more difficult to truly stand out as a business because of it’s simplistic platform, companies like Starbucks still find ways to break the status quo. Their awesome page design (though, Twitter focuses users more around their tweets instead of their profile page, unlike Facebook) and their nearly flawless execution of Twitter’s own recommendations on Best Practices for Using Twitter make them a great example.

Bonus: If you would like some more direction, Twitter put together a short (free!) guide called Twitter for Small Business: A Guide to get Started.

The Top 12 LinkedIn Company Pages

Fortunately for us, LinkedIn made this one easy by taking a poll among their users for the best company pages of 2012. Check out the victors and see if you can identify the similarities:


I hope these “samples” give you some inspiration or ideas to beef up your own social media presence. Or perhaps you want a social media presence but just don’t have the time create? Well, my friend, you are already at the right place! Just shoot me an email and we can talk about how I can help!

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