It’s The Perfect Time To Hire A Virtual Assistant

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It’s Friday evening, you’re still playing catch from your recent vacation, your kids just started school (including after-school, extracurricular activities), and you’re late picking them up. Sound familiar? To put it simply, stuff happens in September. But there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to stay on top of your to-do list as you settle back into your busy routine. Here are four reasons how a virtual assistant can alleviate some of that burden. [Read more...]

4 Marketing Lessons from Grumpy Cat

Grumpy Cat

If you spend a little time with my wife and I, you’d learn very quickly we have a…special…sense of humor. We find things like watching this video hilarious. Yeah, go ahead – shake your head. At least we’re aware of our condition. Of the things that give us a good chuckle, Grumpy Cat is near the top of the list. While the cat’s built-in frown played a major part in her fame, she wouldn’t have reached stardom if it wasn’t for some killer marketing. So what lessons can we learn from Grumpy Cat? [Read more...]

5 Mistakes That Make Grammar Nazis Cringe

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Being a virtual assistant, it’s my job to care about things others tend to not care about. Like grammar. Grammar is one of those things we think that no one really cares about (but we know we are supposed to), so we pay less attention to it. Taking the time to educate yourself on those dang irritating nit-picky grammar rules will serve you well and speak volumes on your professionalism. That being said, here are five grammatical rules I have found to be very useful. [Read more...]

Why You’re Doing Social Media Wrong

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You probably understand how important it is to raise your kids properly and how there is no such thing as holistic expert of your individual kid. Sure, there are experts in specific, universal fields (e.g. pediatricians are experts in physical health and child psychologists are experts in the adolescent human mind). But the only individual that comes close to being a holistic expert of an individual child is you, the parent. The same goes for social media. Yes, there are experts in graphic design, copy writing, marketing, etc., but the only true expert of your unique audience is you. [Read more...]