Best Blogging Practices for Small Businesses

Perhaps you’re a seasoned blogger or perhaps you’re just starting to get your feet wet. Either way, it’s easy as a small business owner to have your time get sucked into the blogging vortex (I’m speaking from experience) and end up focusing too much on the wrong things. Hopefully these suggestions will help you manage and realign priorities when it comes to supplemental blogging.

Commit to a schedule

Committing to a schedule speaks volumes. It shows your readers/potential clients that you are disciplined and dependable, which are two golden qualities when you’re trying to sell yourself (or sell anything). But it’s important to realize that you are not a professional blogger. The bloggers that spit out five articles a day are doing that for a living. You are not blogging for a living, nor do you have the time. So when you stick to a schedule, make sure it’s a schedule you can easily keep. For example, I try to publish a post at the exact same time once a week. My goal is to show potential clients that I’m reliable and predictable when it comes to standard operations.

Get ahead of the game

In addition to keeping a schedule, it’s also a great idea, when time allows, to write a couple additional blog posts and get a few weeks (or months) ahead of schedule. That way, if things get busy, you’re still delivering as promised.

Just write something!

Have you ever got hung up on minor details before? I have and it can be a total waste of time. Blogging is no exception. Don’t try to be the world’s greatest writer. You’re good at whatever it is you do; blogging is simply a supplement. If you’re having a hard time creating content, you may simply be trying to hard. Something is almost always better than nothing.

Be original 80% of the time

One of the biggest challenges I’ve experience blogging is that it seems everything under the sun has already been written about. Take this article for example, how many hits do you get when you Google Best Blogging Practices? Far too many. But, when you narrow it down and specify (in this case) for Small Businesses, the number of relevant results drops greatly. Sure, there are still similar articles out there, but let’s be realistic, people coming to your site/blog are probably not going to stumble across those other articles unless they are searching for that specific topic. So it’s okay to reinvent the wheel when necessary. If not for reinvention, cars would have wooden wheels.

Let your readers know you’re human

I realize how important a professional image is in business, especially if you’re just starting out. But, as I’ve mention in How Blogging Can Grow Your Business, people don’t want a stale corporate personality behind your business, they want a human. So don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. Throw in humor once in a while (appropriate humor of course), show them the real you. It’s like calling customer service; would you rather talk to a real person or a machine? I don’t know anyone who prefers conversing with robots.

Have any learning experiences when it comes to small business blogging? Share them in the comments!

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